Reference Letters

Pam, Rachel and I would like to thank you for handling our move from Sugar Mill Woods to Jacksonville, FL. I am sure that without your help and encouragement, we never would have made it!

I would like to thank you for saving us so much money. We thought we had everything figured out until you took over. We now see that all movers are not created equal and fair in their business dealings with the public. The company you recommended did a great job, got us here as promised on time, and unloaded everything without a single damaged or broken item. Nothing! We couldn’t believe it.

Over the course of my 35 year career, our family has moved about every two years. I have never had a move go more smooth and stress-free as our move with you went. You are a true professional and a treasure. We only wish we’d met you years ago and if we ever have to move again, you will be our first phone call.

You will always have our heartfelt thanks and if you ever need a recommendation, please feel free to have your clients call us. You have our highest recommendation!

—Pam & Patrick J.

It  has been several months since our move cross-country! It seems longer since all the hubbub of moving for the first time out of state. I called you for an estimate and it was the best phone call I could have ever made! By the end of my first conversation with you, I knew we would be entrusting all our our valued possessions with you.

It was during that initial phone call and subsequent conversations that you helped me feel more at ease about the whole process of moving. I had shared a lot of my concerns with you regarding the move, both physically and emotionally. You became a friend right from the start!

On the day we had scheduled you to pack, dismantle our pool table, and a grandfather clock that had passed down several generations, you helped me with so many other things! I had told you’d I’d be responsible for packing all our precious family photographs and you worked right along side of me, with no hesitation, no charge!

You did a great job servicing my washer and dryer and they arrived in great shape and ready for me to work with. That meant a lot since everything was such a chore for me to adjust to here.

Well, I want you to know that Overland Park, Kansas, is a great place to move to. We have pretty much settled in and have begun to make some great friends. You can be sure that at any time in the future we have the opportunity, we will tell people all about SMW Relocation Services and how wonderful you people are. God bless and thanks so much again!!!

—Carole & Dave Tolbert

Greetings from Sweden to Teri:

No, I have not forgotten you and the letter I was going to write.

I wanted to wait until the container was delivered and everything was unpacked.  Also wanted to see what it was like to hire a moving company here to unload the container and move heavy stuff into and around this house.

This is not the letter of praise that I will send by regular mail.  Just want you to know your packing job was fantastic!  Not a glass was cracked.  Everything was in place exactly where you’d put it.  Customs did not open a single box.

And it was a lot more fun watching you guys in action in the U.S. than to watch the guys in action (?) who unloaded and moved the piano.

So many thanks.  If we ever move back we will call on you.  And if there is still something left in the unsold house that needs to be shipped, I would try you first! 

—Larry Lungren

I am writing to thank you for the helpful services which you provided to Dorothy R. and Pinehurst.

As Dorothy is recovering from a recent illness and our fear that she would injure herself if she attempted to pack and prepare for her move to Pinehurst.  I am grateful to you not only accepted the project on very short notice, but you offered your services for a reasonable price as well. And most importantly, you were kind and considerate to Dorothy.  She enjoyed your personable nature, Teri, and continues to tell me how much she enjoyed your help.

I am looking forward to our future relationship.  Teri, our elderly residents find packing and moving to be difficult and a stressful time.  Pinehurst will continue to recommend SWM Relocation Services to residents who are in need of your expertise and experience.

My very best wishes to you, Teri!

—Leanne M. Korosec, Assistant Director, Pinehurst Senior Living Community