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Thank you for taking good care of my move to Ohio. Having Teri-An pack my things was such a comfort…

—Florence Martin

Sizes & Types of Cartons

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Heavy items such as books, record albums, canned food, etc. should be put in smaller cartons. Some items such as large pictures, mirrors, glass tops and shelves, clocks and mattresses may require special cartons or crates which we can provide.

Book Carton or Small – 1.5 cu. ft.
17″ x 12.5″ x 12.5″
Books, photo albums, records, CD’s, DVD’s, files, papers, wine & canned goods, tools & hardware, heavy cookware.

Medium Carton -3.0 cu. ft.
18″ x 18″ x 16″
Pots & pans, small appliances, plasticware, baskets, floral & silk arrangements,serving trays, games, pictures, blankets, pillows, and lamp shades.

Large Carton – 4.5 cu. ft.
18″ x 18″ x 24″ Large cartons are great for boxes are great for clothes, larger electronic equipment, kitchen appliances and many other larger items in your home.From toys,to larger lampshades, pillows, quilts, silk and floral arrangements, baskets, sporting goods,cushions,and a variety of non-breakable or bulky items.

Extra Large Carton – 6.0 cu ft.
22″ x 22″ x 22″
Toys, large baskets, sporting goods, deck accessories, pool floats and equipment, non-breakable holiday decorations and bulkies.

Dish Packs – 5.25 cu. ft.
18″ x 18″ x 27.5″
This box has double extra thick walls specifically designed for dishes, vases, glasses, china, crystal, lamp bases, bowls, saucers, stemware, figurines, and knickknacks,and other fragile items. These things should be wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap for ultimate protection against breakage.

Mirror & Picture Cartons
2 & 4 Piece Sections
All mirror boxes can be telescoped, meaning that two can be put together to get a longer fit. When fitting two boxes together, make sure you use a strong filament tape to secure them together and to handle the additional weight. Mirror boxes are recommended for packing framed pictures, artwork and mirrors. Use Bubble Wrap or paper pads to wrap & help protect piece while in transit or storage.

Wardrobe Cartons
24″ x 24″ x 47″
Great for all hanging clothes, suits, dresses, formal wear, long coats, Just leave them on the hangers and they stay wrinkle free. The bottom can be used for shoes, and other smaller, lighter objects. Also can be used to pack large florals, outdoor decorations and other large lightweight bulky items. Hand holes for easier carrying. Great for storing winter & summer clothes too!

Lay Down Wardrobe Box
32″ x 19 7/8″ x 9″.
This resembles a dresser drawer and is great for packing clothing that you prefer to only fold once. Just remember not to overpack this box as it cannot withstand heavy items. This carton is also useful when packing dried or silk floral arrangements and wreaths.

Lamp Box
10″ x 10″ x 40″
For short lamps and other hard-to-pack items like a canes, umbrellas or fishing poles. Also great to use for some sporting goods equipment, including golf bags & clubs.

Mattress Cartons & Mattress Bags
These boxes or bags are used to keep your matresses protectedcan be usedaren’t necessary as most movers will wrap your mattress in plastic bags which are much cheaper to purchase. However, boxes will keep your mattress from being punctured or if it’s being stored for a while, it’ll protect it better from outside forces. Mattress boxes come in many sizes from cribs to twin to king-size.

Grandfather Clock
90″ x 25″ x 16″
If you have a grandfather clock, this is the only way to move it safely. This box is 600 lbs test strength. It is so durable that you can use it for several moves before replacing it.

Available in 10lb. & 25 lb. bundles
Great for protecting fragile items and filling in empty space when your packing without leaving the mark of regular newspapers. The 25lbs (about 400 sheets) of 24″x36″ inkless paper!

Paper Pads – 3-Ply
60″ x 72″ sheets
Available in packages of 3 or per dozen. Paper pads are great to use to pad and protect framed pictures, glass, mirrors and much, much more. We recommend using a minimum of 2 paper pads on any picture or mirror you pack.

Bubble Wrap
Available and sold by the foot or by the roll.
Used to wrap & protect delicate glassware , paintings, some antique pieces, and many other applications. Great for extra-fragile items.

Anti-Static Bubble Wrap
Available & sold by the foot or by the roll.
For computers, electronic and other fragile products, it is best to use anti-static bubble wrap.Only electronics require anti-static bubble wrap.

Styrofoam Peanuts
Packing material used to protect fragile items. This material is lightweight, clean, lint-free and dustless and safe.

Shrink/Stretch Wrap
Protect everything and anything with this big 5″x1000 foot roll. Great for sofas, tables, dressers and anything you can imagine.

Packing Tape
2″ x 55 yards of Professional Moving Tape. Also available in 2″ x 110 yard rolls. Available individually or by the 6-pack