Custom Crating & Uncrating

We have just finished our move from Florida to Ohio. We used National Van Lines, and we worked with Teri…

—James & Susan Ward

Custom crating is often recommended to adequately protect a piece of furniture or item when relocating. High-value items such as artwork, electronic equipment, or delicate collectibles may need some added attention. Consider custom crating to protect fragile or non-standard sized belongings. Other items typically crated are pieces of marble, plate glass mirrors, stained glass, and some antique pieces as well. Due to age, delicacy or value, crating is the best protection for over-the-road transport.

SMW Relocation Services has its own in-house 3rd Party Crating Specialists and design and build crates that surpass its competitors. By having our own staff, we can offer you a savings as we eliminate the middleman. With over 30+ years experience, we’ve had the pleasure of crating some very unique and valuable pieces. An antique Wurlizer Juke Box, signed Stueben Chandeliers from a historic mansion, authentic Ming Vases, priceless artwork, and many one-of-a-kind heirlooms are just a few of our favorites! And then there was a job where we had to crate items for a taxidermist, harps & Steinway Pianos for a professional musician, an antique shop that was relocating, again just some of our more memoriable jobs.

In addition to our residential crating services we offer custom crating for commercial moves. A majority of our International moves require crating as well. One of our most challenging assignments was crating medical & pharmacutical equipment, valued at $12M that was being shipped overseas. That job required building shock-resistant and shock-repelling crates. Hours of research went into each and every piece to make sure they were properly protected to avoid breakage. Every single crate arrived overseas damage-free! Commercial crating is also available, for both domestic and International moves as well.