Insurance Services

Thanks to each and every one of you for your excellent professional and personal care given to the Pharis family…

—Robin Pharis & Diane Singer

Insurance Claims & Renovations

We work as a first responder in a time of loss or damage due to fire, floods, hurricanes, wind damage, sinkholes, and other unexpected loss to homes or businesses.

Insurance companies and individuals often rely on us to assist with packing, moving, and storing contents from devastated property.

Certified Claims Adjusting

Occasionally, damage may occur while moving. No matter how careful movers are, an end table may get a little scratch, a dining room table leg suffers a small gouge, or a car rolls off the moving van with a mark it didn’t have prior to loading. If necessary, a certified claims adjuster may be called to assess the damage.

Certified claims adjusters are trained to determine moving-related damages and assign liability. SMW Relocation Services employs certified claims adjusters to assist clients or other moving companies in reviewing property damage after a move.