Third Party Services

My wife and I could not be more pleased with the courtesies and services your crew exhibited. The end result…

—Phillip Johnson, TMP, Inc,, Senior Representative

What Are Third Party Services?

Moving appliances from one home to another requires know-how and a great deal of coordination. A moving company will do all of the heavy work – the actual transporting of your appliances from your home into the van and then safely out of the van into your new residence. However, the preparation of major appliances and other home furnishings is an important activity that your moving coordinator can explain in detail and schedule for your move.

It is the owner’s responsibility to see that all mechanical and electrical equipment is properly serviced for shipping prior to the arrival of the moving van. Servicing is at the owner’s expense. Most items such as washer’s, stereos, grandfather clocks, copiers and computers have components which must be securely fastened prior to shipping. For safe moving of such articles, the units should be prepared by a licensed or properly trained service technician. Upon request, and for an additional charge, a moving company is permitted to perform this service with qualified personnel or arrange for it through an authorized service company. If the owner has failed to have an article serviced, the van operator may load and haul it but will mark the inventory sheet “Not Serviced.”

Our third party services division provides service to individuals and other movers which are not typically provided by moving companies directly. These include: specialized crating of very delicate items; disconnecting, servicing and reconnecting of appliances; servicing of grandfather clocks; removal and/or installation of light fixtures, ceiling fans, and similar items; disassembly and/or reassembly of pool tables, waterbeds, swing sets, and other items which require disassembly to be moved.


Disconnect service reconnect of all major appliances. Washer, Dryer, Ice maker with existing line. Leveled, drum secured & noted to remove packaging before operating, disconnect & cap water line for ice maker, Gas Dryer, Gas Range, Gas Logs


From the take down of your pool table to the removal of your light fixtures, we have you covered.


Grandfather and grandmother clocks need to be serviced before shipping on van. These items are extremely sensitive and must be serviced at origin and destination. At origin, we remove the weights and pendulum. These are wrapped and packed in a carton. These items should not remain inside the clock. In addition, we secure hammers & chimes, make ready for transit. It is often recommended that clock be boxed or crated to assure safety in transit. At destination, the weights and pendulum should be synchronized and the clock leveled and we can arrange to provide this service. Wall & mantle clocks are serviced at origin and destination as well.

Chandeliers & Ceiling Fans

Disassemble or assemble from eight ft. ceiling to existing electrical outlet, attach all hardware, cap wiring & secure outlet with cover.

Computer Hook-Up

Disconnect and prepare computer & peripherals for packing at origin. Reconnect computer at destination and set-up peripherals, printers, scanners, etc.

Debris Removal

Pick up emptied, flattened cartons & emptied crates at destination after unpacking. Typically a one-time debris pick up is free of charge provided by destination agent. Check with local agency to see if this destination service is available.

Electronic Equipment & Surround Sound

Disconnect & Reconnect TV’s, DVD Players, Stereo Equipment, VCR’s, and miscellaneous electronic equip, etc.

Exercise Equipment & Home Gyms

Disassemble equipment, secure cables where necessary, remove weights, and prepare to ship. Reassemble same equipment at destination.


Disconnect water line and cap. Reconnect new line, installation & materials (complete installation to cold water source).

Pianos and Organs

Due to the delicate nature of these instruments, 3rd Party service is a necessity to assure their safe transport. Baby Grand and Grand Pianos require custom crating prior to being loaded on the moving van. Pianos and organs will be set up at destination, however, tuning will be the responsibility of the shipper and can be arranged prior to delivery.

Pictures & Mirrors

Pictures, mirrors and other wall hangings professional hung at origin. Exterior hangings as well.

Pool Tables & Game Tables

Disassemble, remove and wrap bumpers, legs, pockets, felt rolled, 1-3 piece slate, crated. Reassembled, leveled, original felt re-applied or new felt for table top at customer’s expense, re-felt bumpers, additional charge.


From the simple design to the most intricate, disassemble and label for ease of reassembly at destination. Reassemble and level where necessary.

Swingsets & Play Yards

Disassemble wooden or metal swingsets and label for ease of reassembly at origin. Reassemble and level swingsets & play yards at destination. If reassembly is on asphalt or concrete pad, hardware additional as well as extra labor charges. Also, area where swingset or play yard is being reassembled must have a cleared, leveled area prior to set-up.

Wall Units & Platform Beds

Disassembled and labeled for ease of reassembly at destination. Reassembled and leveled when necessary. Replacement hardware is an additional charge.


Disssemble/Reassemble, no fill or drain. Disassemble and drain or reassemble with conditioner.