Types of Moves

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We offer a complete array of services to assist in making your move as stress free as possible. We cater to all your relocation needs. Whether you’re moving next door, cross country or to the other side of the globe, you can expect the highest quality and feel confident in knowing you’re working with trained professionals.


Often times, family members become ill or pass away leaving the task of packing and moving their things to someone else. Perhaps their children live out of state or their hectic work schedule makes it difficult for them to handle the move. This is where SMW Relocation Services can help! Our staff will arrange an on-site estimate to evaluate the necessary services and recommendations. If the estate is being settled by some one out of state, a Relocation Coordinator is provided and will be available throughout the entire moving process.


Whether moving one employee or 100, SMW Relocation Services understands the importance of offering your employees quality services and cost effective programs. When you choose us to manage your relocation programs, your corporation is able to concentrate on its core business. Our goal is to save your company time and money while providing exceptional service to our clients and transferees.

We know that moving to a new home, relocating in a new area, can be stressful. Our services far surpass our competition. We strive to complete a “seamless” transition, in both Domestic & International relocations.

We assign a Relocation Specialist to assist your employee through every phase of the relocation process and can be reached 24/7. Our trained Relocation Specialists to meet the needs & address their concerns when relocating individuals and families. Our Relocation Team will provide individual consultation to tailor your employee’s move for their specific need and work with them through the entire relocation process.


Older adults planning to move often face daunting tasks: paring down their belongings, making decisions about what should be saved, sold or given away, then actually moving and settling into a new home. The organizational and physical tasks associated with the planning and moving can be overwhelming. Family and friends often want to help, but there may be barriers. Adult children may be struggling to balance their parents’ needs, their careers, and their own family obligations. For family members living at a distance, the barriers may be geographic. Some seniors have no surviving children, or their children are seniors themselves. If illness or death precipitate a move, the family may already be drained both emotionally and physically.

SMW Relocation Services offers essential “one stop shopping” services for families & guardians of seniors, from start to finish!


We’re a full-service international relocation provider as well. Whether you’re moving a few items or a house full, we can customer-tailor our services to meet your needs.

We understand that shipping your belongings is one of the most complex and sensitive concerns, while moving worldwide.  As you focus on upcoming overseas relocation issues – a new country with new customs and probably a new language, SMW Relocation Services will take care of your international move, ensuring a completely effective, stress-free and seamless relocation.

Office Moves & Light Commercial

Moving your office can be an inconvenience, especially if you’re your conducting business during regular business hours.  Scheduling and logistics are very important to keep your business operating while making the transition to your new building or location.

We, at SMW Relocation Services offer pre-move consultation and work with your employees to help make a seamless relocation.  Marking and tagging are very important when moving files and other office effects and we put together a system that will meet your individual needs.  We offer cubicle/work station disassembly & assembly.

We encourage you to schedule a Free on-site estimate and we provide full-service office and  light commercial moving services.  We can efficiently accommodate all your moving needs.